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Who isn?t in the market for a beautiful, even skin tone? Remember developing an even complexion doesn?t happen overnight, it takes time, intention and consistency. I cringe when people tell me how much they love putting on makeup. I do whatever it takes to not spend an extra twenty minutes in the mirror applying product after product to simply take it off and do it again the next day. Not only does it take up time in my morning routine, but it also costs money.

How much time would it save if you didn?t have to apply makeup in the morning? What if you were so confident in the way your skin looked you didn?t makeup?

Start with the basics

Creating a daily, weekly and monthly routine will get you on the right track towards your skincare goals. You cannot expect to have the skin of a barbie doll with a single monthly facial treatment. Many people underestimate the power of your home care routine, so let’s dive into a couple of starter tips and basic building blocks.

Every person has a unique biological makeup, therefore no skin is the same. When establishing a successful skincare routine, the most important thing is to start with the correct products. Wrong products and ingredients could actually set you back and cost more money in the long run.

If you need some help understanding your skin type, schedule an appointment with a licensed aesthetician that you can trust. These aesthetic professionals are required to go through school and perform hours of hands-on training. Once graduating from a program, aestheticians pass a state board exam before receiving their license to practice. Completing a thorough analysis of your skin paired with your top concerns, they formulate the perfect combination of ingredients.

There are a variety of many different products that have specific ingredients to target certain issues that occur beneath the surface of the skin. Some products should be used every single time you wash your face and others that should be applied nightly or a couple of times a week. Let?s break it down.

No more pimples

If you want to start with only one product, choose a cleanser. Imagine the skin on your face like a windshield of a car. Just like bugs and dirt that collect on the front of the windshield, throughout the day a build-up of dead skin cells, dirt, oil, food, and germs collect on your face. It is crucial to remove all of these impurities. If you don?t and leave all the nastiness on your skin, it will start to clog the pores. Unfortunately, clogged pores become enlarged. The skin is incredibly smart and will try to fight the build-up of dirt and bacteria by resulting in a pimple, acne or blemish. Cleanse those toxins off the skin with the right cleanser and your pores will be forever grateful.

Ready to introduce a second product? Go for a moisturizer! The purpose of a moisturizer is to keep the skin cells healthy, balanced and hydrated. Skin that is too dry or too oily may actually end up causing damage to the cells. Mixed with a binding agent, a moisturizer delivers water molecules into the stratum corneum or visible outer layer of the skin.

Once you are ready to step the routine with another product, bring on a toner. Meant to be applied following the cleanse, toner works to neutralize the pH of the skin and remove dead skin cells that may be left behind from the cleanser. A correct pH level allows the skin to accept nutrients more efficiently. I like to take a cotton pad and wet it with the toner. Use the cotton pad, start at the top of the forehead a wipe in a downward, gentle motion. This helps to remove any leftover dirt, makeup or impurities that were left behind from the cleanser.

Now that your skin is getting acclimated to feeling refreshed, cleansed, toned and moisturized, let?s take it to the next level with the perfect serum. The purpose of a serum is to target and treat specific concerns. With a high concentration of powerful ingredients, this is typically the most expensive product in your regimen. When I first experienced the power of serum on my skin, my life was changed. Incorporating a serum is a literal game-changer. Made with a lipid-soluble base, molecules can to be absorbed at a deeper level within the skin.

Premature aging who?!

Now that we have covered the 4 main players; cleanser, toner, serum, and moisturizer, let?s talk eye cream. One of the first signs of aging happens around the eyes. Most people start to notice fine lines and wrinkles in this area for the first time in their twenties. The skin surrounding the eye is some of the most delicate on your body. To give you an idea, the thickness of a piece of paper is similar to the thickness of the skin protecting the eye. Applying an eye cream nightly will supplement the tissue and keep dark circles and puffiness away.

Taking care of your skin is a key principle to maintaining a confident, youthful look. There endless products and techniques to assist in correcting specific concerns, but for the beginner, it’s best to start simple.

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