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Introducing Masks

Use a mask to compliment or step up your skincare routine. 

Imagine yourself nice and cozy in a soft, luxury bathrobe, hair tied up, favorite fuzzy socks on and a deep conditioning mask on your face. Hello zen-mode. Lay down and let the freshly sliced, cold cucumbers refresh and renew your eyes. Feel your mind slow down and your body relax. 

This is what goes through my imagination whenever I think about masks and my home care routine. Before we dive into how masks benefit skin, I wanted to bring some attention to the benefits they have for our mind and body. Think of a mask as an excuse for a mini mediation session. Not only are they beneficial to the skin, but they contribute to our emotional health as well!

Our brains transmit emotions into a chemical response carried out by the nervous system.

Research has shown that the process of slowing down and creating more mindfulness of your emotional state has a positive biological effect on the body. Check out this website where Dr. Charles Palmer, MD explains the science behind how your emotional state has a direct effect on our health and physical wellbeing. 

In the treatment room, we loving using a variety of masks for many reasons! Following a chemical peel, laser treatment or microdermabrasion, a mask can feel especially soothing and calming on the skin. Masks work to deliver key nutrients such as antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial ingredients to strengthen and protect the cells.

Apply a mask once or twice a week and take note of how your skin changes. While the mask formulation remains on the skin, ingredients begin to penetrate into the pores. With deep pore penetration, impurities are lifted to the surface leaving pores more refined. 

Hydrated skin is healthy skin. 

We all know by now that moisturized and hydrated skin is the key to fighting wrinkles and premature aging. This especially goes for those like myself who experience dry skin! I?m guilty, I never drinking enough water throughout the day, often leaving my skin feeling like a raisin. Applying a hydrating mask nightly into my routinely while getting ready for bed, is my saving grace. 

Add a little glow!

Are you looking to brighten your skin tone? Choose a mask that is formulated with specific brightening ingredients that help reduce melanin and increase cellular turn over. Kojic Acid is one of our favorite melanin suppressants, skin brightener?s created from fungi. Yes, you read that correctly, fungi! Another brightener that we are constantly preaching about in the aesthetics world is Vitamin A. With the power to block certain enzymes that assist in the production of melanin, Vitamin A is our best friend when it comes to delivering a refreshed, glowing complexion. 

Steam steps it up.

We use steam while in the treatment room to help activate the ingredients formulated in the mask. Steam also helps the pores open to receive more nutrients. At home, you can mimic this technique by simply applying a mask before taking a hot shower. Let the mask remain on your face for the first 10 minutes or so and get on your with the day!  

Condition and strengthen the skin.

Some masks are meant to provide a relaxing experience and others are meant to do more corrective work. Not exactly a pleasant experience but by stimulating blood flow to the surface on the skin, your body initiates a healing response causing powerful build blocks and nutrients to travel to the surface. The nutrients begin to regenerate new tissue while more collagen and elastin produced to help tighten the skin. 

Corrective masks tend to feel warm or tingling on the skin to different degrees depending on the intensity. If this sensation becomes too much, remove the mask immediately. 

Gradually strengthen the skin by increasing the time the mask is kept on with each application. This will help you get used to the sensation as well as build the skin barrier over time. Be sure to give your skin a few days to heal between intense masks or treatments. 

When should a mask be applied?

A mask should always be applied following a cleanse. Allow the mask to remain on the skin for 15-20 minutes. Avoid the area near the eyes but do not hesitate to extend down the neck and decollate. These areas tend to get neglected often in our daily routine, but remember, they are just as visible and important as the face. 

Keep in mind the recommended time frame per individual instructions is not required to achieve effective results. Each person has different genetic makeup, so always be sure to pay attention to what your skin is telling you. 

After removing the mask, continue your normal routine with a toner, correctives, serum or moisturizer, eye cream, etc. Of course, if it?s during the day, please don?t forget an SPF. 

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