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With a background in healthcare administration and waitressing, I would have never envisioned a career in medical aesthetics. Don?t get me wrong, I live for a good facial and feeling comfortable and beautiful in my skin, but to have an opportunity to help others do the same was a pipe dream for me.?

Honestly, what’s not to love about helping others feel more confident and secure with who they are??

In January of 2019, Kate and I began to forecast what our future was going to look like if we continued working as employees in primary care. I don’t know if many can relate to this, but the feeling of being overworked and under-appreciated at our jobs was beginning to light a fire underneath us. We knew we were capable of much more, so we analyzed our skills, took a risk and jumped into a new world and industry.

To say that the transition has been a period of personal and professional growth would be an understatement. There have been many lessons, failures, and wins along the way but one thing is for sure, we are just getting started. With this blog, we hope to give you a little insight into our journey. We are here to encourage others and have fun. With this blog, we will be sharing on many topics such as, entrepreneurial hardships, skincare techniques, anti-aging tricks, finances, relationships, and whatever random, hot topic we feel like talking about.?

Our mission is simple. To make a mark in the medical aesthetics industry by focusing on the importance of educating our clients to ensure they receive optimal results before, during and after treatments. Our goal is to provide a warm, welcoming environment for both men and women to enhance their beauty and confidence with a natural, holistic approach. When clients leave our spa, they feel confident and educated in skincare maintenance and protection.?

From the paint color to the product line, we built Revive Med Spa and Regenerative Medicine together.?

Welcome to our journey! Be sure to stick around because there is much, much more to come.?

With love,